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Community Forum Austria
Memorandum of Cooperation

Vienna, April 2008

The Community Forum Austria 2010 is the national platform for non-governmental organizations and Community representatives for the preparation of the World AIDS Conference 2010 in Vienna.

The cooperating organizations make all decisions in the Plenary, which meets on a regular basis.

Detailed aspects will be worked on in Working Groups. At present, in accordance with the structure of the International Aids Society, working groups are planned in the areas of „Youth Program“, „Cultural Program“ and „Global Village“, as well as a Coordinating Group. (The Coordinating Group regularly harmonizes the policies, the communication, and the work agendas.) When necessary, the working structure can be adapted.

The Community Forum Austria 2010 deems as necessary a structured and institutionalized exchange and communication with the other actors in the preparation of the World AIDS Conference 2010, and aims for an early implementation of such a structure.

The Community Forum Austria 2010 defines its tasks as follows:

-Agreement upon the Austrian Community positions regarding the World AIDS Conference 2010, in accordance with the aims of the International Aids Society

-Harmonization and Coordination of the Austrian Community contributions to the World AIDS Conference 2010

-Nomination of Austrian and international contributions to the program as a whole of the World AIDS Conference 2010

-Coordination with politics, administration, science, and culture as regards the World AIDS Conference 2010

-Networking with existing organisations, platforms, and associations in Austria

-Networking with the Community representatives in Middle-, Southeast- and Eastern Europe with regard to the impact of the conference sought for by the IAS for these geographic regions.

The Plenary decides in particular on:
- The nomination of Community representatives to the working groups and program committees for the preparation of the World AIDS Conference 2010
- The nomination of Community representation in the Conference Coordinating Committee
- The admission of juridical persons into the Community Forum Austria 2010.

This Memorandum serves to develop, together, a Community identity of the Austrian actors for the World AIDS Conference 2010. This identity shall manifest itself in wide cooperation, agreed on positions and actions, and extensive and uniting Community actions towards the World AIDS Conference 2010.

All judicial persons can apply for membership in writing.

Current listing of the membership organizations:

AIDS-Hilfe Tirol
AIDS-Hilfe Wien
Ärzte ohne Grenzen
Buddy Verein
CARE Österreich
Community Board Österreich, Verein H.I.V.
HIV Mobil
Katholische Jugend/Enchada
Kindernothilfe Österreich
Österreichisches Aktionsbündnis gegen HIV/AIDS
Positiver Dialog
Steirische AIDS-Hilfe
World Vision
(October 2008)

Communication coordinates
for the Community Forum Austria 2010 are:

Postal address:
Community Forum Austria 2010
Mariahilfer Gürtel 4
A-1060 Vienna, Austria